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Classroom Volunteers

St. Mary’s is always in need of volunteers who are willing to spend time with the children in the classroom during the morning session. Volunteers can help with art projects, reading, field trips, and many other activities.

Special Event Volunteers

St. Mary’s needs volunteers for our special events. These events include: Raffle, Golf Outing, Speaker Series and Night of Miracles. Volunteers can help with event logistics, silent auctions, registration, beverage carts, etc.

Facility Volunteers

St. Mary’s needs volunteers who are willing to help with the upkeep of our two buildings. This may include yard work, painting, cleaning, playground repair, etc. We depend on volunteers for the facility maintenance. We invite groups to volunteer one time or annually.

Please let us know if you have a special talent that you would like to share with us. We are always looking for individuals who can teach the children a new talent or update our landscaping. If you have a talent we may be able to use, please share.

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