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Godparent Program

Godparent Program

Godparents are the backbone of our organization. They are the precious supporters whom have chosen to make a personal commitment to St. Mary’s Early Childhood Center. Our Godparents change the lives of the children we serve by providing much needed funding, attending events and even spending time with them in the classrooms.

The Godparent Program was created by a group of committed supporters interested in changing the lives of the children at St. Mary’s. The building at 901 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. was built and handed over debt-free by prominent members of the community to St. Mary’s Early Childhood Center in 1986. In order to continue serving children living in poverty through our programs, this same group created the Godparent Program to raise funds. Initially, Godparents focused on support through events, which include the Spring Soiree, the Raffle, the Golf Outing, the Night of Miracles and the Luncheon.

Today, over 300 Godparents are supporting the children living in poverty that attend our Preschool Program through our scholarship assistance. We now include all donors in the Godparent Program within the various giving levels. The five levels of giving include $1,000-$1,999, $2,000-$4,999, $5,000-$9,999, $10,000-$24,999 and in excess of $25,000 annually. The $25,000 level is dedicated to the legacy and commitment of RN Thompson. Giving levels are determined through all donations between January 1 and December 31 each year.

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Godparents support the children at St. Mary’s Early Childhood Center through all five levels of commitment. Donations can be made through events or direct donations. Direct donations are welcome to be made through the website or sent to the Center. Event support includes donations through sponsorships, reservations, ticket purchases and item purchases. One unique feature of this program is that the money can be raised instead of donated directly from your pocket. For example, selling raffle tickets with each person paying for their own ticket would go towards the commitment. Another example is using a foursome in the golf outing sponsored by your company to entertain clients. All combinations of donation methods will be used to determine the annual level. Additional information is available through our brochure or by contacting Shannon Mason at 317.361.4882 or smason@stmarysecc.org.



$1,000 – $1,999

Richard Arnos
Aasif Bade
Jim Bates
Keith and Susanne Baughman
Thomas F. Bedsole
Diego Bianchetti
Phillip and Janice Binder
Sky Block
Ron Bohl
Daniel and Robyn Bowers
Jason and Darcy Brooks
David and Tracey Brown
Doug and Connie Brown
Brian and Bethany Burdick
Rich Buus
Cain Corporation
Brian and Karen Candlish
Kristin Cavolick
James Cline & Michelle Zimmerman
Daniel Cobb
Andrew and Colleen Cohoat
Marcus and Bethany Colson
Create A Space
Creative Assembly & Packaging
Maria Crowe
Brendan Crowley
Nancy G. and Michael S. Curless
Elgin and Sarah Curry
Steve M. Dellinger
Brian Denney
Don and Kathleen Dunbar
Guy East
Steve and Cathy Edwards
Adam and Julia Ehret
Ivan and Marcy Ekhaus
Peggy Elson
Michael and Kristin Enghauser
Paul Estridge
Kurt Evans
Fredrick and Nancy Frauhiger
Fresh Sausage Specialists
Emma and Larry Frutkin
Wayne Fuson
Georgia Pacific
Steve and Cindy Gillman
Matt Godbout
Jon and Rachel Goodburn
Jane Gosling
Charles and Catherine Haddad
Greg and Libby Hahn
Chris Hale
Michael and Bonny Hannigan
Hays & Sons Complete Restoration
Shane and Catina Headlee
George Hepburn
Mark and Patty Hildebrand
Hank Hornaday
Mark Hosfeld
Indiana Donor Network
Irving S. and Alwyn N. Johnson Family Foundation
James J. Kelley, Jr.
Christopher Kemp
Ron Kendrick
Chris Killebrew
Jon and Jennifer Knepp
Andy Lake
Wade and Candice Lange
Laura and Adam Lawrence
Mickey Lentz
Bill and Kathleen Leppert
Steve and Tiphany Leppert
Elliott Lewis
Michael and Jenny Ley
Eleanor Lopez
Deon Lyday
Lance and Julie Lyday
Don Matthews
W. Greg McAtee
Adrian McCord
Tim and Jane McGinley
Randy and Leslie McNutt
Mechanical Contractors Progress Council
David Mennel
Richard Michaelis
Roger and Andrea Mikels
Jeffrey Miller and Susie Kim
Jim Morris
Anthony and Liza Najem
David and Jennifer Paul
Cory and Elizabeth Peter
Robert Pruitt
Rahaminov Diamonds
Robert and Amy Rhodes
Terry and April Richard
Dick and Caryl Richwine
Steven and Heather Riddle
Matt Rolfsen
Sagamore Ready Mix
Bond Sandoe
Pat Sheehan
Jim Shook
Paul Shoopman
Martin and Vicki Short
William A. Shumaker
Brittany Siegler
Julie Siegler
Shaun Souers
Brian and Gina Cadili Spacey
G. Donald and Alison Steel
Tim and Nancy Story
Doug and Maureen Sylvester
Jake Taylor
Dick and Susan Tetrick
The New You
Johnny and Lisa Trepcos
Tom and Cynthia Uhrig
Eric van Straten
Greg VandenBoom
Glen and Sarah VanDerMark
Fionnuala Walsh and Myles O’Neill
Tom and Mary Walsh
Gary Weaver
Scott Weaver
Eric Webb
Allen Weisenburger
John P. Wolski
Bryan and Christine Woodruff
Trace and Breena Yates
Lyndsay Younce
Yourline Jewelry
Stephen and Grace Zanolini
Darell Gene Zink

$2,000 – $4,999

Adaptive Trading Solutions Inc.
Shelli and Kelly Austin
Barnes & Thornburg LLP
Charles S. Bath
Aaron and Kelly Boyle
Dean and Julie Brackenridge
Brugh Family Foundation
Phil and Bridget Caito
Brad and Paige Carson
David and Laura Cathcart
Central Supply Co.
Dave Ciechanowicz
Adrienne A. Cohoat
Julie Comella
Contract Lumber
Brian and Wendy Perez-Contreras
Jay and Susann Thomas Crannell
J. Michael Cunningham
Tom and Kristi Curran
Todd Daily
Greg and Cynthia Daniels
Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC
Dan and Lynn Dimond
Rick and Connie Doss
Pat and Kim Egan
Kevin and Diana Ephlin
Gregory Evans
Fayette Tool & Engineering, Inc.
Kimi and Bradley Fellers
First Financial Bank
Lee R. Ford
Dan Fowler
Charlie and Angie Frankenberger
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Garfield
James W Gordon
Thomas and JoDee Grant
Eric Handy
Manny and Jessica Herceg
Scott and Gayla Higginson
Adam Hill
Seth Hinshaw
Gary and Katherine Hoefle
Rick and Laura Huser
Indianapolis Automobile Trade Assoc.
Indianapolis Colts
IWIS Drive Systems, LLC
Jeff and Gina Jinks
Katz, Sapper & Miller
Katz, Korin, Cunningham
Chuck Kimmel
Klipsch Group
Matthew and Allison Koscal
J. Fritz Kreutzinger
Kyle Krisiloff
Scott and Sarah Kuester
Charles and Jami Kurtz
Rick and Terry LaGore
Daniel and Allison Lechleiter
Jim and Jody Lefevere
Mary Leppert
John A. Lienhart
Dan and Laura Liotti
Mark and Katherine Lux
Rick Lux
Del and Sara Mamuska-Morris
Ron and Karla Marburger
Mike and Annie Martin
Melisa Martinez
Bob and Diana Maxam
David and Karen McDowell
Glenn and Brenda Miller
Michelle Miller
Peter and Jessica Mills
David J. Moore
Patrick and Rita Murphy
Bill and Jennifer Nicholls
Butch Nuckols
Denny and Donna Oklak
Ryan and Christy Owings
Wayne and Julie Pack
Bob and Dawn Passander
Jon Prius
John and Karen Rademaker
Ray Skillman GMC Truck
Jim and Rhonda Read
Bill and Rhonda Redman
Rush Foundation Inc
Doug Schubert
Shadowood Golf
Roger and Janine Sheppard
Connie Sherman
Monte and Kris Spence
Bruce and Terri Stauffer
Sterling Investors Life Insurance Company
Randy Stokely
Michael and Terry Thayer
Bobby and Ann Thompson, Jr.
Mark and Shanna Thompson
John Jester and Angela Tomlin
Rick and Lynn Wajda
Curt and Linda White
Robert and Jane Wildman
Tom and Carrie Zupancic

$5,000 – $9,999

Paul Ahern
Rick and Tena Albrecht
Jon and Lisa Arbuckle
BOMA Indianapolis
Ben and Kelly Braun
Joe and Laurie Breen
Kevin Brown
Tom and Sheila Callaghan
Care Institute Group
Jim and Lynda Carlino
Tom and Pat DeCoster
Val Edwards
Josh and Mindy Fleming
Chad and Laura Gray
Brian and Jill Hall
Roger and Tonya Harvey
Larry and Colleen Kaelin
Kelley Automotive Group
Mike and Carla Leppert
Gary and Sherry McNutt
Andrew and Hermiene Ording
Marianne and Frank Price
Ray Skillman Performance Ford Hyundai
Paul and Lisa Rioux
Rock Ridge Development, LLC
The Forest Fund, Inc.
Daniel Towriss

$10,000 – $24,999

Trut and Jordan Edwards
Brian and Julie Gulden
Derek and Kelly Hawkins
Ken and Sue Kopecky
Lenex Steel Company
Jim and Katie Naughton
Pete and Susan Quinn
James Reis
Vision Communities

$25,000 and Up

RN Thompson Level

Matt and Jan Cohoat
Deem, LLC
Nick and Nicole Dellen
Gary and Carol Edwards
The Estridge Family Trust Foundation
Fischer Homes
Elaine and Henry Fischer
Jeff and Pamela Greenwalt
Richard and Cathy Hahn
John C. Hart, Jr.
Keith Hockett
Wally Justus
Teri Catterson Kraft
John F McGinty
Frank J. Moran
Dan Moyer
Joe and Margita Osborne
Doug and Jennifer Swain
Jim and Rita Zink