Success in Learning  •  Success in Life

Our Need

On average, middle-class children are read to an average of 1,500 hours. However children in poverty are only read to 25 hours before entering kindergarten Children living in poverty hear significantly fewer words than their peers. They often enter kindergarten1.5-2 years behind unless they receive a high-quality education like what is offered at St. Mary’s Early Childhood Center.

Your Impact

By donating to St. Mary’s Early Childhood Center, you are making it possible for a child living in poverty to attend our Preschool Program. Scholarship support allows children to attend for just $10 per week. The high-quality early childhood education received, creates a foundation for success in school and success in life. Please join us by donating today.

Last year, donation dollars helped teachers provide 139,650 hours of instruction.

Donors aided in 89 children leaving St. Mary’s at a 5-year old development level.

24,109 meals were served to children during the last school year along with daily snacks.